Yamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth

YamunaYamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth


An energizing and relaxing workout that focuses on

Creating optimal space in the body

Increasing the range of motion around joints

Stimulating bone

Re-aligning body structure to optimize functionality

Using specially designed YamunaYamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth balls of various sizes and textures the systematic routines elongate and tone muscles, free up musculoskeletal tension and discomfort, increase blood flow and lung capacity, and promote healing from everyday wear and tear. Using specific balls for specific routines makes it possible to work muscles in detail from origin to insertion. The result is a self-massage that uses your own body weight and the traction from the balls to release tight areas and increase your 360 degree body awareness.

                                                        Yamuna Body Rolling NYC at Pilates on Fifth                          Yamuna Ball Rolling at Pilates on Fifth for Hamstring Release               
                                                                      YamunaYamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth Balls and foot savers                                                         Deep and gratifying hamstring release!


The YamunaYamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth Body Rolling work in Pilates privates or Pilates classes can easily be integrated into any other activity that you do. Similar to Pilates, the Yamuna work aims to undo poor postural habits. The focus is to stretch, release and free up the bones and muscles so that you are working the body from a more correct alignment so poor movement patterns/tension patterns are not reinforced. You’ll see how your overall performance will improve! If you have old or new injuries to nurture, Yamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth will offer you resources to support recovery.



                                               Deep shoulder stretch and opener to alleviate rounded                                              Release for the sacro-iliac joint to alleviate discomfort
                                      shoulders from sitting at a computer, poor postural habits and stress.                                                 from sitting or standing too long.


A YamunaYamuna Body Rolling at Pilates on Fifth Body Rolling session will be a great complement to your Pilates privates or group Pilates classes at Pilates on Fifth. Your focus will be on your breath as you use your weight on the balls to stimulate bone and release muscle. You’ll experience a strength and openness in your body that you’ll be able to transfer to your Pilates practice.  Try a Yamuna Body Rolling class before one of the other classes at Pilates on Fifth—or try it afterwards. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel the qualitative improvement to your training practice.



                                            Lifting and releasing the chest for better posture, while bringing air                               IT Band Release -- great for runners, cyclists
                                                         360 into the ribcage to increase lung capacity                                                                     or any weekend warrior

A real plus of the Yamuna work is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. Throw a black or pearl ball into your bag and do some refreshing rolling at your desk, on the plane, during a break, in a chair, on the floor and in your bed too!