SilkSuspension Challenges II

SilkSuspension Challenges II


The final manual in the series with challenging exercises to strengthen the core.... and beyond


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SilkSuspension Challenges II is the 6th manual of the SilkSuspension series, featuring over 45 new exercises.  As with the Fundamentals and Progressions manuals, exercises are broken down such that execution, progressions, regressions and modifications are clear.  Target muscles are highlighted and divided between mobilizers and stabilizers.  Exercises in SilkSuspension™ Challenges II cover supine, prone, side-lying, kneeling and standing positions, and also include a Pilates repertoire as well as inversions and full suspension exercises. Unique to Challenges, exercises for dual, triple and quadruple point suspension are covered.  Exercises target core strength, inner joint stability, proper biomechanics, balance, flexibility and coordination.  We HIGHLY recommend viewing the Suspension Exercise workouts on the site (especially the set up and safety video) as a great companion to the manual.