All Populations Mat ll Manual

All Populations Mat ll Manual


Take your Pilates practice to the next level with this manual!! As with the All Populations Mat Manual, movement is emphasized in all planes of motion. This manual covers Tiers 4 and 5 of the Mat Repertoire, a total of 20 exercises.


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The Pilates Academy International manual has been designed to educate students, to empower apprentices, and to provide a constant reference to Pilates instructors long after they've completed their courses.

  • Each exercise is clearly listed on each page, along with the Tier, Target Muscle Group and Spinal Motion for easy referencing
  • The Goal of Each Exercise, Prerequisites and Contraindications are clearly listed at the top of each page
  • Exercise Set Up: The starting position for each exercise is broken down, along with the necessary equipment (or mat)
  • Each movement of the exercise is outlined with the corresponding breath
  • “What to Watch For!” section creates a quick guide for the instructor of common pitfalls of each exercise.
  • Modifications are listed, which can be implemented to either make the exercise more accessible or increase the intensity or difficulty
  • A list of props that can be incorporated in this exercise is provided so that variety can be added quickly and easily
  • A Biomechanics section so that target muscles can be shaded in interactively, facilitating learning
  • Primary mobilizers and stabilizers are listed for quick and easy reference
  • To aid in the jump to practice teaching, a simplified “cues at a glance” provides simple prompts


Appendices at the back of the manual include information on designing an introductory lesson, an overall workout template to aid you in designing workouts; as well as 4 sample workouts created by our staff.

Finally, the manual's index provides an excellent way to look up exercises quickly. Each exercise can be located by name, by Tier, by Target Muscle group, and by Spinal Motion.