For nearly two decades, Pilates on Fifth has helped thousands of New Yorkers get


Pilates on Fifth offers multiple ways to increase core strength AND overall body strength while increasing the body’s flexibility and overall fitness.

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Get strong from the inside out!  The Pilates method has withstood the test of time and continues to deliver fabulous results.  While you sculpt your arms, chisel your abs and shape your legs, you also strengthen the core in every exercise.  Whether working on the Reformer, Chair, Cadillac or Barrels (or even just the mat!), you will get strong from the inside out!

From the Reformer to the Chair, to the Cadillac and Barrels, Pilates will get you stronger, longer and leaner. Core muscles are targeted in each and every exercise, even when peripheral muscles are the focus.

The spring resistance of the Pilates equipment enables muscles to increase in flexibility without sacrificing strength.  And, with the increased range of motion you'll gain , you'll see a dramatic increase in power -- for instance, your golf swing! Strength is gained along the length of the muscle and not just the belly of the muscle.  Thus, muscles look leaner and longer without any bulk.  Learn more about Pilates.



Aerial Silks meets Suspension Exercise meets Pilates! Due to the unique attributes of dual suspension points*, the muscles that stabilize the joints on the deepest level are targeted extremely efficiently. Strength gains are exponential.  Learn more about SilkSuspension™.


The addition of the Silks to mainstream Suspension exercise adds the "circus fun" of hanging upside down!  But it's not just fun -- by adding hanging and inverted exercises to your workout, you will be strengthening your body in all dimensions. Muscles are stretched rhythmically and systematically.

SilkSuspension adapts to each individual’s ability seamlessly, as the silks naturally fit YOU.  This enables each person to continually work at his/her edge for a total body toning experience.



Pilates goes vertical! Exercising on a mat has important strength and alignment benefits, but at the end of the day, all clients walk out of the studio… upright!  CoreAlign® trains the body in vertical AND reciprocal movements, with many exercises relating directly to walking and other upright movements.

CoreAlign® incorporates rotational and side bending movements into upright exercises, which makes it perfect for both functional daily tasks as well as sports conditioning.

Exercises run the gamut from targeted, specific, deep core work to global, total body movements to challenge the neuromuscular system.
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