Mat Classes

Mat Pilates Plus!  Barres & Belles!  CARDIOLATES®!


These fun and challenging classes are guaranteed to strengthen your abs, burn fat and sculpt your body!

  • Classes are multi-level and limited in the size so you get the attention you need
  • Instructors focus on technique so you get the most out of your time here
  • Use of small equipment keeps your workouts fresh and exciting
  • Pace is always upbeat and energizing so you leave feeling energized and invigorated


Class Descriptions

Mat Pilates Plus -- A dynamic, total body workout featuring classical Pilates Exercises with and without small equipment such as the small ball, stretch band and Pilates ring.  You'll strengthen your core, tone your hips and thighs and flatten your abs! Read more about Mat Pilates Plus!

Xpress Mat Pilates Plus -- A shorter version of our signature Pilates class, which still delivers all the benefits of Mat Pilates Plus!
Need to be in and out of the Pilates studio quickly? The Xpress Mat Pilates Plus class delivers all the benefits of Mat Pilates Plus in a 45 minute class. Enjoy the same classical Pilates exercises performed at a slightly faster pace so that the core strengthening, ab-flattening, leg shaping benefits of Pilates can be delivered during your lunch break.

CARDIOLATES® -- We've taken Pilates vertical in this Cardio Pilates fusion as you focus on posture and alignment while jumping on a rebounder!  You'll burn calories while enhancing your Pilates experience. CARDIOLATES® infuses the core-strengthening, immune system bolstering benefits of rebounding with the alignment and postural benefits of Pilates. The class begins with ab-sculpting Pilates work, progresses to rebounding for an incredibly cardiovascular workout and finishes with balancing exercises and stretching.  You'll leave feeling exhilarated, tightened, and toned!  Read more about CARDIOLATES®.

Barres & Belles -- A Ballet Barre workout plus Kettlebell training suitable for the Pilates beginner or seasoned exerciser. Pilates on Fifth’s signature “Barres and Belles” class utilizes kettlebells and ballet barre-based exercises to provide a challenging total body workout full of power and grace! Read more about Barres and Belles.

Barres & Belles Xpress -- For our on-the-go clients who need all the bang of a Barres & Belles class (see Barres & Belles description) but in less time, we offer this Kettlebell training meets Ballet Barre workout fusion class selected weekdays during the lunch hour. Give your day a productivity boost with this booty lifting, arm sculpting, ab chiseling workout.

CARDIOLATES® Barre Hopping -- Can't decide between Barres & Belles and CARDIOLATES®? You don't have to! This class flows fluidly between Cardiolates®rebounding and Ballet Barre work for a new twist on interval training. Not only will you leave with the grace of a dancer, but with a new spring in your step, too.

Golden Pilates – Pilates for Seniors – The perfect Pilates mat class for the unique needs of those in their golden years! Designed by a senior citizen for senior citizens, this 55 minute mat class delivers a full body workout that strengthens the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine (the “core”), improves posture, increases flexibility and develops better balance. Add more life to your years with this specialized Pilates mat class. Read more about Golden Pilates.

Yamuna Body Rolling - Give your body the restorative treatment it deserves. Release tight muscles, improve your breathing and find your ideal posture. Read more 


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NOTE: Don't forget to bring a pair of socks! It's our studio policy that all instructors and students wear socks in the studio at all times. Thank you!