How To Look 5 Lbs. Thinner Instantly

A Simple Hack to Help You Look Thinner

In this current fitness climate that seems to focus overwhelmingly on sheer calories burned, what's often lost is attention to the smaller, stabilizing muscles that both protect the joints (including the spine) as well as produce better posture.

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Pilates for Runners

No matter how you slice it, running is a repetitive sport.  In fact, it's about as repetitive as it gets!  Certain muscle groups are massively over-worked (leg muscles, superficial abdominals, front of chest) while others are woefully neglected (glutes, upper back muscles and deep core).  Pilates is excellent for realigning and rebalancing the body; however, a typical Pilates class might not be the best medicine for runners.  A typical Pilates class involves A LOT of hip and torso flexion, and this might leave runners feeling more imbalanced than when they came into class. 

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Stairwell Stretches - How to Work Out at Work

Workout at WORK! A mini-workout/stretch sequence that you can do even on your busiest work day. "I don't have time to workout" is a lamentation that we hear all too often. But many don't realize that even a mini workout can be effective on physiological, biomechanical and psychological levels. A short, ten minute workout can stimulate the heart rate (and that means fat burning) and revitalize your mood. The simple and practical stair stretches (that you can do in a stairwell) will restore alignment and relieve tension.

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How To Continue Your Pilates Training Off The Mat

You've finished your Pilates workout. You feel stronger, longer, leaner.  Then, what happens?  You stand up and possibly sink back into the the bad habits that you just tried to derail with your Pilates practice.  Well, here are some tips so that you can continue your Pilates training off the mat as well as on.

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