EP 22: Breast Stroke

The Breast Stroke is a classical Pilates exercise that increases the flexibility and strength of the upper spine. Keep your bottom rib on the mat to encourage the upper spine to extend and not the low back When lying on your stomach make sure you keep your abdominals engaged and the bones of your pelvis namely the hip bones and pubic bone pressing evenly into the mat. Visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com for more info.

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EP 21: Saw

The Saw is a classical Pilates exercise that increases the flexibility and strength of the core. Be careful not to turn this into a hamstring stretch The goal of the exercise is to use the abdominal muscles to rotate the spine then flex the spine over the leg scooping out the abdominals. If you have tight hip flexors or hamstrings start sitting on a small cushion so you can begin the exercise in upright alignment. Visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com for more info on this fabulous but often misunderstood exercise.

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EP 20: Abs Open Leg Rocker Balance

At any Pilates studio one of the favorite Pilates exercises will always be The Teaser which can be done on the mat and all equipment including the Pilates reformer. Little do many people know that a great precursor to The Teaser is the Open Leg Rocker Balance a variation of the classical Pilates exercise. At Pilates on Fifth our NYC Pilates studio we use Open Leg Rocker Balance to teach our clients to differentiate the spinal shape between the Pilates exercises Rolling Like a Ball and Open Leg Rocker. More importantly however learning and understanding the difference in spinal shape of these two exercises makes mastering The Teaser on the Pilates reformer much more manageable

At our Pilates studio in our NYC classes we often teach our students The Teaser and we use the Open Leg Rocker Balance exercise to assist. The combination of these two Pilates exercises is an excellent recipe that makes the job of the Pilates instructor easier and allows the Pilates performer to have much more success with one of the more difficult Pilates exercises. If you love the Pilates reformer but are often tackled by The Teaser we highly recommend that you try this Pilates exercise. For a more detailed description and video of this and other Pilates exercises visit www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com and select All Populations Mat Exercises from the Training subheading Its like having a Pilates studio in your home

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EP 19: Abs Spine Stretch Forward

A Pilates beginner often attends Pilates classes or tries and wonders throughout the first few Pilates workouts what this Pilates exercise called Spine Stretch Forward is all about. If not done or taught properly it may seem like a simple forward bend designed to stretch hamstrings as opposed to deliver a special Pilates benefit. Because this exercise is difficult for a Pilates beginner to grasp in the Pilates classes at our New York Pilates studio we often teach this exercise with the back against the wall initially. By doing this the Pilates performer can feel hisher spine move segmentally away from the wall which is the goal of the exercise something that is difficult to see or understand when learning Pilates online or attending Pilates classes as a Pilates beginner.

As a Pilates beginner or as a student of Pilates aiming to become a Pilates instructor it is vital to understand that each and every Pilates body might look quite different when performing this exercise. For example if you have a very flat or tight lower back it may take years of before the flexibility of the spine manifests and you certainly dont want to force it In our Pilates online video website www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com we have full-length as well as mini Pilates workouts such as My First Pilates Workout and the Morning Low Back Care Workout both of which are geared to the Pilates beginner and are a great substitute for Pilates classes if you cant get to your nearest Pilates studio.

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Pilates Exercises Online Half Roll Down with Arms

Half Roll Down with Arms is an excellent way for a Pilates instructor to increase the intensity of Pilates plus challenge clients safely and effectively. Thats one of the things we at the Pilates Academy International do differently from some programs: we teach each aspiring Pilates instructor how to teach Pilates plus how to progress clients so that they get er safely. By adding the arm lift to the Half Roll Down a Pilates instructor will increase the weight of the torso challenging the abdominal connection. Other certification Pilates training programs teach the classical mat Pilates repertoire but do not teach Pilates plus modifications making it difficult for a Pilates instructor to teach a multi-level mat Pilates class. This ability to modify makes each of our Pilates instructors highly sought after for employment in Pilates gyms and Pilates studios worldwide.

Catch a glimpse of our teaching style with a free trial at www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com/free-trial

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