Transversus Abdominis

How to Strengthen your Core and Prevent Lower Back Pain

Unlike the Pecs, Glutes or Triceps, the Transversus Abdominis is not a vanity muscle!  

Nor is it a muscle of absolute strength. 

BUT!  It is one of the most important muscles that you can train, both for strength and endurance. 

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They REALLY do!!

And this applies to your workouts too!

We shared our “PLANKENSTEIN” workout with you, which is 5 minutes of super intense planking.  But it is natural to think… does a 5 minute workout really count?


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5 Reasons Why Sleep is An Important Part of Your Exercise Regimen

You might think that the actual exercise you do is the most important part of an exercise routine, but you would be wrong. The most important part of your regimen is going to be the quality and quantity of sleep that you get before and afterward. Here’s how sleep makes sure that your exercise happens and happens well. 

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