Big Piano ™ Fitness

Big Piano™ Fitness:  Exercise your BRAIN and your BODY! 


Big Piano classes at Pilates on Fifth


Pilates is all about control, precision and fluidity, but let's face it:  Life does not always present itself that way! 

Speed, quickness and agility training are important components of a comprehensive fitness regime.

The Big Piano™ puts FUN in functional fitness and the BRAIN into Mind Body training.






Katherine and Kimberly took a fun concept---dancing on the keys---
and combined it with their knowledge of exercise science
to create a fitness experience that challenges the body and the brain.



Develop agility doing grapevines up and down the scales         






    Improve your speed, quickness, agility, balance AND sharpen
     your mind and memory while rediscovering your "play"ful side.


                “I had so much fun that I didn’t even realize that I was working out! It was only after
                that I realized that my heart rate had stayed elevated for the whole hour!  The planks
                and grapevines worked my abs too!”    ~Christen


                   “I loved it.  I was thinking of NOTHING else… not my smart phone, my work, my to-do list.  I                     loved the total concentration.”  ~Donna M.






Incorporate the Big Piano™ into your Private lessons,

        Take a Big Piano™ group fitness class, or.....                         

Schedule a Big Piano™ experience for you and your friends or family.


Classes range from 1-4 people

We start with a simple warm up (on the keys, of course), and then proceed with speed, agility, memory and balance drills, with melodies sprinkled in throughout.

You will exercise your brain and your body!  





There’s nothing like experiencing everything New York City has to offer,
and this special adventure is unlike any other offered in the country!

Who else can say they danced on the light-up piano keys like Tom Hanks’ character,
Josh Baskin, during the famous “Big” keyboard scene at F.A.O. Schwarz in New York City?

This is a must-do activity for your free time in NYC. Family and friends will laugh, dance, and
delight in this fun fitness class for music lovers who want to channel their inner child.


Kids Classes Coming Soon!





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