W Magazine, April 2008 
"On the Verge"

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Club Business International, August 2005 "Twin-Bill Pilates" 

With their advanced degrees, dancing ability, and model-like good looks, Manhattanites Katherine and Kimberly Corp-identical, redheaded twin sisters-could have done virtually anything. They could, for instance, have worked for global companies or even performed with the world-famous Radio City Rockettes. Oh, wait-they've already done all of that!... 
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The New York Sun, October 29, 2007 "Fall Fitness Feet From the Sofa"

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New York Moves Magazine, Spring 2007 "Hard Corp"

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Beyond Performance, "Kimberly and Katherine Corp"

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Pro Zone , August 2006 "Who's the boss? You are!" 

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Pilates Style , 2007 "How to get Studio Savvy" 

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Kyushu Railway, October 2006

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Club Business International, August 2006 "Next Best Thing is still Pilates" 

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Club Solutions Magazines, June 2006 "The Cardio Showcase" 

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Kyushu Railway, October 2005 

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Our Town, November 2002 "Twins Teach Firm but Friendly Fitness" 

Pilates on Fifth is at the top of a posh-lobbied office building on Fifth Avenue near 42nd Street. The studio is an airy space filled with Pilates equipment. Katherine and Kimberly have clients of all ages and fitness levels. "We want to make everyone feel like they could try Pilates. It's good for people who are aging and/or overweight because the machines provide a great deal of support. Our oldest client is 72". One male client states that he likes the trainers at Pilates on Fifth, and he likes the atmosphere. He states, "It's out of the way for me. There are studios right where I work, but it's the way the Corp sisters operate, the way they treat their people that brings me back." 

Dance Spirit Magazine, January 2002 "Pilates Perfection" by Katherine and Kimberly Corp

As dancers are constantly seeking ways to improve technique and enhance performance, Pilates is an excellent choice for cross-training. Taking dance class after dance class may continue to reinforce bad habits while Pilates, with its focus on alignment and symmetry, can help you break your faulty movement patterns and progress to the next level. Some dancers have flocked to the gym to tone muscles and burn fat. But repetitive cardio movements, such as those on a stair climber or spinning bike, can overly tighten hip flexors and quads and actually limit flexibility. Likewise, weight training focuses on strengthening the belly of the muscle which can create short bulky muscles, while Pilates works the full length of the muscle, creating long, lean muscles. 

New York 1 Now: NY1 Minute, June 4, 2002

Pilates uses specially designed equipment to increase both muscle strength and flexibility. At Pilates on Fifth, there are 5 different machines offering over 700 exercises to work all parts of the body. Pilates strengthens the "core," the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine while mobilizing the peripheral muscles. You get strong from the inside out! 

NY Post, May 2002 "Preliminary Pilates: Machine workout's the piece de resistance" 

Pilates on Fifth provides private and semi-private Pilates sessions with patient and inspiring instructors. The machines may look like medieval torture devices, but actually rely on the resistance of springs to work all muscles and increase flexibility. With the variety of exercises, one never gets bored and the instructors choose exercises to challenge clients without strain. 

New York Resident, May 27, 2002 "Bare Toes, No Hose" 

Choose Pilates, the dancers' favorite, for long, lean legs without unsightly muscle bulk. Katherine and Kimberly Corp of Pilates on Fifth recommend several basic mat exercises to sculpt and tone your legs for summer. The "Side Kick" and the "Side Leg Lift Series" are sure to serve you well! 

New York Resident, March 19, 2002 "Profound Pilates" 

Former Radio City Rockettes open a Pilates Penthouse on Fifth Avenue offering customized personal workouts on all the Pilates equipment. All of their instructors are fully certified on all the equipment and are dedicated to helping every client from the couch potato to the seasoned athlete. Pilates increases flexibility and strength while balancing the muscles so no one group gets overbuilt or overstrained. 

Our Town, January 11, 2001 "Pilates" 

Katherine and Kimberly Corp's Fifth Avenue Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth, provides a cozy atmosphere to try all the equipment of Pilates instead of just matwork. The equipment gives the support needed to improve posture and sculpt your body while alleviating unnecessary tension. You'll leave walking taller than you did when you arrived! 

The Parent Guide, April 2001 "Pilates Power" 

Focus: Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates is an ideal exercise choice for women both during and after pregnancy. A pregnant client will focus less on the traditional abdominal work and concentrate more on specific exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Additionally, Pilates will safely strengthen the joints by offering a lighter resistance than usual and more repetitions. During pregnancy, the stretching and toning that Pilates exercises offer serve to rebalance the muscles around the joints as the body goes through the many postural changes, mitigating lower back pain. The most important thing to remember is that if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you must discuss your exercise choices with your doctor. No two pregnancies are alike, even with the same mother, and so your doctor will always know best!