Welcome to the Pilates Academy International!

Pilates on Fifth's Pilates Teacher Training Program is committed to cultivating competent and confident Pilates instructors capable of meeting the needs of diverse clients of all ages and fitness levels.


At the Pilates Academy International, Pilates and fitness enthusiasts can be trained to teach on the following Pilates equipment:

Become a Pilates Instructor for Pilates mat classes and more with our Pilates Teacher Training Program

If you have been wondering how to become a Pilates instructor to teach Pilates mat classes and privates, duets, etc., on all Pilates equipment, then continue reading to learn more about our Pilates Teacher Training program. The Pilates Academy International, Pilates on Fifth's Pilates teacher training program, is dedicated to training competent and confident instructors in the Pilates method. Our program prepares you for teaching well-rounded, inspiring Pilates mat classes and personalized lessons for all body types on all the Pilates equipment including the reformer, Cadillac, chairs and barrels.

To become a Pilates instructor through the Pilates Academy International, over 200 hours of in-studio training are required with additional hours of practice and observation necessary as well. During your Pilates teacher training, you can take Pilates mat classes and equipment classes at a discount and observe any class or session at any time. In fact, observation is an integral part of the program as long as it done quietly and unobtrusively! Practice means your own practice AND practicing on another person. We allow each student to bring in one friend as a practice body, and that person must register with the front desk and complete the usual paperwork. This allows students the chance to see how regular people as opposed to fellow students respond to their cues, corrections and feedback.

Put your career in the hands of the Pilates Academy International to become a Pilates instructor with all the knowledge and skills necessary to rise to the top of your industry.

Contact us at 212.687.3787 or email training@pilatesonfifth.com

Learn to teach a fabulous Pilates workout, including Reformer Pilates with our Pilates online library

Pilates online training can be hit or miss: some is very good and, well, some is not! Though teaching an excellent Pilates workout or Reformer Pilates is best done in the presence of a qualified teacher trainer, Pilates online training can be an effective way to brush up your technique or get some new ideas! If you are looking for an inspiring Pilates workout or insightful training tips, then visit our Pilates online library, www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com. This site features a mat Pilates workout for everyone, including many workouts with small equipment, for all levels and abilities. Reformer Pilates workouts remain our biggest selling point as we feature a variety of exercise segments for many different population types and areas of emphasis. In addition to Reformer Pilates, UltimatePilatesWorkouts.com features workouts on the Chair, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrels. 

Our ever-growing Pilates online library of training videos allow Pilates enthusiasts worldwide to brush up on their technique or learn some new exercises. Featuring the training method of the Pilates Academy International, the training videos are saved as individual video files, so that students/viewers can quickly find the exercise they need. Together, these training videos comprise the Pilates Academy International repertoire. We currently offer mat, reformer and chair training videos with Cadillac and Barrel training videos coming soon!


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