Meet our Talented Team!

Our instructors have met the strict requirements for employment at Pilates on Fifth, which include completion of a
rigorous teacher training program, apprenticeships and recommendations from other employers. 

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A Pilates instructor for each and every Pilates class for a great Pilates workout

Pilates on Fifth has always taken a unique approach to Pilates and each Pilates instructor we train and hire exemplifies our philosophy. Pilates Academy International, the training program which began at Pilates on Fifth and whose headquarters are located here, also takes a unique approach to each and every Pilates class. Both Pilates on Fifth and the Pilates Academy International are geared toward Pilates in the real world, and our Pilates instructors approach each Pilates workout with this in mind.

Some Pilates studios and teaching programs treat Pilates as more of an art form than a system of exercise and rehabilitation. Each Pilates workout is geared toward the "ideal" client: a person in his or her twenties who has incredible flexibility, no injuries, and tremendous strength. While we agree that teaching such clients is a blast, and watching them perform Pilates is a pleasure, we should mention that such clients rarely come along. As a professional Pilates instructor, you'll discover that most of your clients (either in a group Pilates class or private equipment sessions) are less than "perfect."

At Pilates on Fifth, your Pilates instructor will be dedicated to your unique fitness goals and will structure your personal Pilates workout with that in mind, not some slavish devotion to an “ideal flow” that few really attain. And if you opt for a Pilates class, your instructor will motivate you with modifications and variations of Pilates exercises, as well as the traditional favorites, so that you get the most out of your Pilates workout.

Our Pilates instructors specialize in Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Pilates plus!

Our Pilates instructors get excited about what Pilates can do for our clients, whether the clients are taking just Mat Pilates, Mat Pilates Plus classes or Reformer Pilates classes. Most clients have real world problems and, consequently, real world goals. If they are older and have lower back problems, they may want Pilates to enable them to pick up their grandchildren without pain or injury. Our reformer Pilates classes coupled with Pilates privates are ideal for the older population as the Pilates exercises will strengthen the core while increasing joint range of motion and strength. Our Pilates plus program featuring classes like BarSculpt along with gentle Pilates equipment work is ideal for our pregnant clients, as they'll want Pilates to help them stay relatively fit and alleviate some of the discomfort of pregnancy. If they suffer from chronic neck pain or shoulder tension, they will be amazed at how mat Pilates can help relieve this discomfort. If they are overweight or soft, they'll want Pilates to make them leaner, longer, and stronger. Our instructors at Pilates on Fifth know exactly what to do with each client that comes into the studio.

As all of our Pilates instructors have trained at the Pilates Academy International, they have a strong foundation in anatomy and biomechanics such that they can always create fun and challenging reformer Pilates workouts and mat Pilates classes. Moreover, virtually all instructors here hold at least one additional certification in something like ActivCore or BarSculpt, so you’ll get the benefits of Pilates plus a whole lot more!