“If you want a great workout with instructors who inspire you and challenge you while also helping you achieve a stronger, leaner, more beautiful body, then CARDIOLATES® is for you. Kimberly and Katherine Corp have designed a workout that is not only great for your figure, but good for the soul, too. Great fun, great music, great choreography, great gals -- all mixed in with everything wonderful about Pilates. It's everything I look for in a workout.”

-Kerry, Broadway & television actress

“I’ve been incorporating CARDIOLATES® into my private lessons, and it’s become the ultimate way to circuit train.”

-Mark, IT Specialist

“I loved it after my first class, and now I come two times a week. My balance has improved immensely, and my pants size has shrunk! Above all, I have a blast while I’m doing it and feel great when I leave.”

-Patti, Fitness Director

“I have a knee injury, and so typical cardio exercise tends to aggravate my injury. However, I can jump and jump doing CARDIOLATES®, and my knee feels just great!”