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Learn the technique and choreography of CARDIOLATES®, as well as the health benefits of rebounding that will help you educate and promote rebounding to your clients.

In the course, you will learn the basic formats for CARDIOLATES® group classes, CARDIOLATES® circuit training and CARDIOLATES® conditioning programs.

For CARDIOLATES® group classes, protocol for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will be taught, as well as the appropriate beats per minute to look for when you are selecting music, and the appropriate beats per minute for each section of choreography.

How to incorporate CARDIOLATES® as part of a circuit training regime in privates or semi-privates

How to teach your clients CARDIOLATES® conditioning: a 5-20 minute program that you can do with them or they can do on their own before or after their workouts.

In addition, the health benefits of reboundingMost importantly, we will cover how to monitor your clients� exertion level and heart rate, as well as the protocol for clients with special needs and conditions.

Finally, we will cover the CARDIOLATES® stretching sequence which has proven effective in balancing muscle groups after the workout to aid in injury prevention and enhance an overall feeling of well-being.



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                       The CARDIOLATES® Course: Upcoming 2017 Training Dates


June 3rd & 4th 9am-3pm each day (WEEKEND)


October 23rd & 24th 9am-3pm each day (WEEKDAY)

New York

Pilates on Fifth

501 Fifth Ave 22nd floor, New York, NY 10017




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