30-50 word summary:


The jumpboard can be an excellent tool to teach proprioceptive awareness, enhance core stability and increase cardiovascular fitness.  Students will learn jumpboard exercises and variations for all levels and abilities, and develop skills to incorporate the jumpboard work effectively into private sessions as well as group classes.


Workshop objectives:



1)  Teach Pilates exercises utilizing the jumpboard


2)   Explain the benefits of circuit/interval training to cardiovascular fitness


3)   Teach how to assess appropriate exertion levels for clients of all ages and abilities


4)   Teach how to incorporate the jumpboard into private lessons and group classes




Hour by Hour Outline

Please write a brief outline of how you will use your time. For example: Hour 1 – Introductions, review use and safety considerations on the Pilates Arc, teach abdominal exercise series, practice series in pairs


Hour 1:  Introductions; Safety and Set-up; Benefits of Circuit/Interval Training; Monitoring exertion levels


Hour 2:  Teach jumpboard exercises and variations, with practice teaching in pairs


Hour 3:  Workout Design & Implementation (including case studies)


Hour 4: (if needed) do the workouts as per templates


Hour 5:__________________________________________________________________


Hour 6:__________________________________________________________________


Please include a brief bibliography for your course noting any books, videos etc that you referenced during your presentation. This is required for PMA. For example: Return to Life through Contrololgy or instructor training manuals for your teacher training program


1)  McArdle, Katch & Katch:  Exercise Physiology:  Energy, Nutrition & Human Performance


2)  Cardiolates® Teacher Training Manual; Pilates Center of New York, Inc. 2006


3)  Purves, et. Al:  NeuroScience


4)  Frost:  Applied Kinesiology: a Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles & Practices


5)  The Multifidus Back Pain Solution


6)  Hyman, G, PhD.  Will Weak Feet Cause your Defeat?



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