Pilates Classes, New York City Pilates Teacher Training Programs and Pilates Workouts Online

At Pilates on Fifth, we take the system of Pilates very seriously. We love to have fun--and we make sure our clients always have an inspiring, enjoyable time in their Pilates classes--but we also deeply respect the power of Pilates. When taught correctly, Pilates can transform lives.

As teachers, we have seen our clients blossom because of their Pilates workouts. Most of our clients are ordinary, professional people with normal bodies. When they first come to us, they may have difficulty with some of the simple or repetitive motions of daily life. They may have trouble lifting their grandchildren without lower back pain. They may suffer constant stiffness in their shoulders or necks, or endure a very limited range of motion. With our extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates equipment, and Pilates Mat exercises, we teach our students to design Pilates workouts which help free their future clients from this chronic pain or discomfort. Teaching Pilates classes and Pilates privates truly is incredibly rewarding.

If you're as serious about learning Pilates instruction as we are about teaching Pilates classes, you may wish to enroll in our New York City Pilates teacher training program. The training program at Pilates on Fifth, the Pilates Academy International, is one of the leading Pilates teacher training programs in the country. Our graduates are highly skilled at teaching Pilates

To study with us, you'll need experience in teaching some form of movement or fitness. You'll also need two letters of recommendation. To learn more about the New York CIty Pilates teacher training program, the Pilates Academy International, call us at 212-687-3787 or email us at training@pilatesonfifth.com

Can't make it to Manhattan for our New York City Pilates teacher training? Then find a PAI Satellite or Hosting Center near you, or visit our online Pilates DVD website, www.ultimatepilatesworkouts.com for a full range of Pilates workoutsonline!