Pilates Equipment - The Best of New York Pilates!

Group equipment classes are offered in Pilates Reformer & Chair, Pilates Suspension and CoreAlign®.  To provide the best instruction we can, we limit our class size to five students or less!  Read about classes offered below!

Pilates Reformer & Chair -- Want to get toned and sculpted inside and out? Then take the 55 minute Pilates Reformer & Chair class utilizing the Pilates universal Reformer and the Pilates chair (sometimes called the “Wunda Chair” and featured in the Malibu Pilates infomercial). This class tones every major muscle group as well as the abs and core musculature while paying special attention to proper execution, biomechanics, alignment and symmetry so that you leave the class feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized! Most classes are open level, but call ahead to make your appointment! Prior Pilates equipment experience is recommended but not mandatory if you are willing to go with the flow and learn the equipment.

Pilates Suspension & Ring Training -- Core strengthening in three dimensional movement with suspension exercise is one of the best ways to target the deep muscles of the body.  So fire up your core with the ultimate in suspension and sling training, unique to Pilates on Fifth!  Pilates Suspension featuring Redcord or products from RingTraining.com provides the best in functional cross training with this intense and focused class. Like all of the group classes at Pilates on Fifth, Pilates Suspension is appropriate for all fitness levels. The Redcord and Ring Training equipment can be adjusted instantly to meet you at your personal (unique) level.... you'll always be working your edge, which is ideal for building strength both optimally and safely. And because of the nature of the exercise, your heart rate will stay elevated throughout, keeping you in a great fat burning zone for the duration of the class. Moreover, because the unique attributes of double suspension points create controlled instability, your inner joint muscles get stronger, which also help to alleviate pain. You might need to try it to believe it, but if you need more convincing, there's a link coming soon for some testimonials!

CoreAlign® -- How do we move through life?  Vertically!  CoreAlign® brings Pilates principles vertical with functional, posture-improving, muscle toning exercises that leave you walking taller and feeling great!  Exercises are performed on two independently moving carts that simulate the way we move through life...on two legs!  These exercises increase range of motion, improve balance and posture and most importantly, improve biomechanics so that overall movement patterns improve.  Just like Pilates, proper execution of the movements is the key to reaping all the benefits of CoreAlign, so be sure to try a few classes!

Pilates Suspension & Ring Training CARDIO -- Interval training meets Pilates Suspension (see description above) in another one of a kind class offered at Pilates on Fifth. Practitioners will do Pilates Suspension exercises interspersed with high powered cardio moves to readily and effectively increase cardiovascular health and endurance. Our bodies are amazing in that they adapt to whatever we introduce, which is great for skill development, but not great for the “plateau effect”. By shaking up a typical routine with interval training and increasing cardiovascular endurance, more calories are burned on an ongoing basis and ALL workouts become more effective.

To schedule your next appointment, call 212-687-8885.

NOTE: Don't forget to bring a pair of socks! It's our studio policy that all instructors and students wear socks in the studio at all times. Thank you!