Choose from a variety of fun and challenging classes guaranteed to strengthen your abs, burn fat and sculpt your body!


Mat Pilates Plus, Cardiolates® (Cardio Pilates) and Barres & Belles

Pilates on Fifth offers the best Mat Pilates Plus classes in NYC along with a variety of other classes like our trademarked rebounding program (think cardio pilates but with a bounce!), CARDIOLATES® and our barre/kettlebell fusion class Barres & Belles. Kimberly and Katherine Corp structured the mat Pilates classes with a Mat Pilates plus theme in order to incorporate props and small equipment into every mat Pilates class. You should never be bored! On top of that, weve selected the most complementary workout regimes to enhance the Pilates work. CARDIOLATES®  is Pilates on Fifth's original Cardio Pilates workout program, popular in NYC and throughout the US and internationally as well. After all, you can't show off those amazing Pilates abs if you don't burn the fat off! Barres and Belles introduces the concept of isometrics and fatigue to sculpt and tone muscles quickly and effectively, whicle increasing flexibility as well. The kettlebells add the much needed "power" element to our class schedule and strengthen your arms, legs and butt beautifully.  Most of our clients partake of the potpourri that we have to offer, enjoying a mix of Mat Pilates plus classes, Cardio Pilates (CARDIOLATES® ) classes and Barres & Belles classes every month.

Pilates classes featuring Pilates exercises and more for a perfect Pilates body!

With over 85 Pilates classes and more like Mat Pilates plus, Pilates yoga fusion and Cardio Pilates to choose from, you can't go wrong with making Pilates on Fifth your choice to get you that coveted Pilates body. Our talented instructors choose Pilates exercises in all Pilates classes to best meet and also challenge the ability of the clients. No cookie cutter Pilates workouts here!! Whether you are interested in beginner Pilates or advanced Pilates, our Pilates classes can help you attain your Pilates body. Moreover, our instructors will ensure that you really understand the method behind the Pilates exercises so that you can get the most out of your Pilates class. Pilates on Fifth offers Pilates classes at various times throughout the week, from mid-morning classes for seniors, early afternoon classes for Broadway performers and backstage artists, to sessions before and after work and on weekends so that everyone can be sure to get Pilates exercises into a busy schedule. Want a crash course to a Pilates body. Join our 50 Day Fit & Fabulous Program and commit to at least 4 Pilates sessions a week, you'll be amazed at what Pilates can do for you!

NOTE: Don't forget to bring a pair of socks! It's our studio policy that all instructors and students wear socks in the studio at all times. Thank you!

Class Descriptions

Mat Pilates Plus -- A total body Pilates workout featuring classical Pilates Exercises with and without small Pilates equipment on the Pilates mat.

Whether you're a Pilates beginner or a Pilates expert practitioner, Mat Pilates Plus will deliver a great Pilates workout. Mat Pilates Plus classes feature classical Pilates exercises performed on a Pilates mat. The traditional Pilates workout is often spiced up with the use of Pilates props such as the small ball, stretch band, Pilates ring, foam roller and even small weights. The variety in Mat Pilates Plus classes ensures that each Pilates workout provides total body training that strengthens the core, tones the hips and thighs, and flattens the abs.

Xpress Mat Pilates Plus -- A shorter version of our signature Pilates class still delivering all the benefits of Pilates!

Need to be in and out of the Pilates studio quickly? The Xpress Mat Pilates Plus class delivers all the benefits of Pilates in a 45 minute class. Enjoy the same classical Pilates exercises performed at a slightly faster pace so that the core strengthening, ab-flattening, leg shaping benefits of Pilates can be delivered during your lunch break. Pilates props such as the small ball, stretch band, Pilates ring and foam roller enhance the Pilates class for more efficient and effective muscle targeting. Beginning to advanced students welcome!

CARDIOLATES® -- A Cardio Pilates fusion on a rebounder to burn calories while enhancing your Pilates experience.

CARDIOLATES® infuses the core-strengthening, immune system bolstering benefits of rebounding with the alignment and postural benefits of Pilates. This unique cardio pilates class begins with classical Pilates exercises performed on the rebounder to ensure that the abdominal muscles are working and the core is strong. Then the real calorie burning begins with 35-40 minutes of rebounding at various intensities to keep your heart rate up and your core muscles engaged throughout the class. Light weights are utilized to tone the arm muscles as well. Balance exercises are incorporated at the end of the class to integrate the core strengthening work with posture, and alignment exercises. The class finishes with stretches to fully balance the muscles used. You'll leave feeling exhilarated, tightened, and toned!

Barres & Belles -- A Ballet Barre workout plus Kettlebell training suitable for the Pilates beginner or seasoned exerciser.

Pilates on Fifth’s signature “Barres and Belles” class utilizes kettlebells and ballet barre-based exercises to provide a challenging total body workout full of power and grace! “Barres and Belles” to give women the strength, flexibility and statuesque posture they need to feel great and turn heads everywhere they go. Kettlebell workouts have been proven to burn calories fast (kettlebell review) while ballet based workouts both burn calories and sculpt beautiful dancers’ bodies! With this powerful workout, you can experience the best of both worlds!

The class begins with an invigorating warm-up of standing arm and core exercises using Kettlebells (10 or 15 pound weights that looks like a miniature kettle), and regular arm weights. Then you'll proceed to the ballet barre to chisel long, lean leg and butt muscles from calves to quads to gluts. This amazing workout concludes with floor exercises (some with the Kettlebell) to tone the abdominal muscles and lower body – and the core, of course! All muscles are targeted evenly for a balanced physique and stunning posture – for all ages and fitness levels! Combining the power of kettlebell training with the finesse of a ballet barre workout leaves every woman feeling strong and svelte simultaneously!

Barres & Belles Xpress -- For our on-the-go clients who need all the bang of a Barres & Belles class (see Barres & Belles description) but in less time, we offer this Kettlebell training meets Ballet Barre workout fusion class selected weekdays during the lunch hour. Give your day a productivity boost with this booty lifting, arm sculpting, ab chiseling workout.

Pilates Suspension & Ring Training -- Core strengthening in three dimensional movement with suspension exercise is one of the best ways to target the deep muscles of the body.  So fire up your core with the ultimate in suspension and sling training, unique to Pilates on Fifth!  Pilates Suspension featuring Redcord or products from provides the best in functional cross training with this intense and focused class. Like all of the group classes at Pilates on Fifth, Pilates Suspension is appropriate for all fitness levels. The Redcord and Ring Training equipment can be adjusted instantly to meet you at your personal (unique) level.... you'll always be working your edge, which is ideal for building strength both optimally and safely. And because of the nature of the exercise, your heart rate will stay elevated throughout, keeping you in a great fat burning zone for the duration of the class. Moreover, because the unique attributes of double suspension points create controlled instability, your inner joint muscles get stronger, which also help to alleviate pain. You might need to try it to believe it, but if you need more convincing, there's a link coming soon for some testimonials!

Pilates Suspension & Ring Training CARDIO -- Interval training meets Pilates Suspension (see description above) in another one of a kind class offered at Pilates on Fifth. Practitioners will do Pilates Suspension exercises interspersed with high powered cardio moves to readily and effectively increase cardiovascular health and endurance. Our bodies are amazing in that they adapt to whatever we introduce, which is great for skill development, but not great for the “plateau effect”. By shaking up a typical routine with interval training and increasing cardiovascular endurance, more calories are burned on an ongoing basis and ALL workouts become more effective.

CARDIOLATES® Barre Hopping -- Can't decide between Barres & Belles and CARDIOLATES®? Now you don't have to! This class flows fluidly between Cardiolates rebounding and Ballet Barre work for a new twist on interval training. The class begins with arm and posture work, and then proceed to an interval of rebounding. Then move to the barre…. And just when you think your legs can’t take any more plies, you’ll be bouncing to the beat and flushing the lactic acid out of the muscles and throughout the body. As with all classes at Pilates on Fifth, posture and form are important, and with CARDIOLATES® Barre Hopping they are mutually reinforced throughout the class. Not only will you leave with the grace of a dancer, but with a new spring in your step, too.

Awesome Arms & Abs Express – A spin-off of Pilates on Fifth’s signature “Barres and Belles” class, this class combines Kettlebell exercises and mat exercises from the Pilates and barre class repertoires to target two problem areas – arms and abs – in a time-efficient manner! This 30 minute class can be taken alone or combined with a class that comes before or after to give your arms and abs the extra boost they need. You’ll be ready for a bikini all year round with this class!

Pilates Reformer & Chair -- Want to get toned and sculpted inside and out? Then take the 55 minute Pilates Reformer & Chair class utilizing the Pilates universal Reformer and the Pilates chair (sometimes called the “Wunda Chair” and featured in the Malibu Pilates infomercial). This class tones every major muscle group as well as the abs and core musculature while paying special attention to proper execution, biomechanics, alignment and symmetry so that you leave the class feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized! Most classes are open level, but call ahead to make your appointment! Prior Pilates equipment experience is recommended but not mandatory if you are willing to go with the flow and learn the equipment.

Golden Pilates – Pilates for Seniors – A perfect Pilates mat class tailored to the unique needs of those in their golden years! Designed by a senior citizen for senior citizens, this 55 minute mat class delivers a full body workout that strengthens the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine (the “core”), improves posture, increases flexibility and develops better balance. Special attention is given to proper biomechanics and placement to help target common causes of chronic low back pain and neck and joint stiffness. Add more life to your years with this specialized Pilates mat class.

Tai Chi – Description coming soon!  Check our schedule as this class occurs seasonally!