Teaching Mat for Mixed Abilities with the Stretch-eze®, a Circular Whole Body Resistance Band




August 10th, 2017 



The Pilates mat repertoire can be challenging for clients to execute properly and instructors to teach effectively – especially in a group class setting. Some clients need additional support to facilitate proper movement while others need resistance in order to learn to activate the proper muscles. Learn how to use the Stretch-eze®, a circular wide full body resistance band, in your Pilates Mat classes to give your clients a balanced, highly effective workout. In this dynamic workshop, you will learn how quickly and effectively you can assist or challenge clients with the Stretch-eze® so that your mixed level classes truly benefit all attendees.  We will focus on placement of the band in the Mat exercises to create sensory input between the upper and lower body correcting leg/hip, ribcage/pelvic misalignments as well as access and sustain deeper core initiation. Discover this excellent resource for clients new to Pilates or recovering from injury as well as for those who are seasoned and able to use resistance and support to intensify their workout.


Course Objectives:


  1. Students will learn how to use resistance and support with the Stretch-eze® to facilitate proper movement in mat exercises.



  1. Students will understand and apply concepts of dynamic movement, active stability, alignment, proprioception and neuro-muscular facilitation throughout the mat work with the aid of the Stretch-eze®.
  2. Students will be able to identify client problem areas and assign specific Stretch-eze® exercises that address these issues.