FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)



What is the difference between "All Populations l" and "All Populations ll"? Can I just start with any of them?


How long after the each course can I get certified?


Are there any discounts if I were to purchase multiple courses at a time?

Can I do a payment plan?


How fast can a student go through the program?


Does PAI offer job placement?


What is PAI's opinion on what the average salary of a Pilates instructor?


What are the requirements to take the PMA exam?


Do I need the Post-Rehabilitation courses to take my PMA exam? 


Does any hours from my previous teacher training program count towards my PAI eductaion?


Can I use Pilates on Fifth for my practice teaching hours?


What requirements are there to keep my PAI certificate of accomplishment current?


What is the recommended level of Pilates/Fitness experience needed prior to starting my Teacher Training?


What is the difference between Classical VS Contemporary Pilates?


English is not my first language. Will I have a hard time with the exams?


What do I do if I need a F-1 student status?

·  Take a look at the Pilates course description at: http://www.peridance.com/pilates.cfm

·  Please contace Isabel Eisen the International Programs Coordinator & Student Advisor.

·  Email: international@peridance.com

·  Tel:(212) 505-0886