Combined Help And Mentor Program for Students


PAI is proud to offer C.H.A.M.P.S., our mentor program custom designed especially for you, our students


If you find yourself struggling during your course for any number of reasons such as language, mindset, inadequate study skills, inability to apply your newfound knowledge . . . . .


. . . . . then why not become a CHAMP!!



If you choose to enroll in CHAMPS you will receive as much one-on-one guidance and support as necessary to be successful and content in your course instruction and exams, making your time spent at PAI highly enjoyable and rewarding





CHAMPS is especially geared towards students who:



Each block of CHAMPS consists of three 1 hour sessions at the affordable rate of $135

*Further blocks can be purchased as required*

On sign up you and your Mentor will agree on a convenient timetable for your sessions



Example Session Outline


Since each session is specifically geared towards your needs, the time spent with your Mentor could include all or any of the following:



email training@pilatesonfifth.com if you are interested!