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Pilates on Fifth NYC provides high quality, goal oriented fitness instruction to clients of all ages and fitness levels. For 15 years, the talented team on instructors at Pilates on Fifth in NYC has helped thousands of New Yorkers lose weight, tone muscles, walk taller and add more life to their years! With private sessions and group classes offered for all of our services, health conscious New Yorkers can find a fitness routine right for their body – and their budget! Choose from Pilates mat and equipment sessions, CoreAlign®, SilkSuspension, CARDIOLATES® and Barres and Belles. Our dedicated team of compassionate, skilled instructors will create a customized session for you!


With personal training and group fitness classes offered for all of our services, health conscious New Yorkers can find a fitness routine right for their body – and their budget!  Pilates on Fifth NYC offers:


*Pilates *Mat and Equipment Classes
*SilkSuspensionTM *Barres and Belles
*ActivMotion TrainingTM *Golden Pilates


Our expert Pilates instructors can create a customized personal training session for you combining any of these exercise systems.  Read more about them below! 


OUR goal?  To make sure that you leave feeling better than you did when you walked in the door while delivering you the best Pilates instruction and personal training instruction that we can.


The Best of Pilates NYC! A Pilates workout for all ages and fitness levels at our New York Pilates studio

Pilates on Fifth is renowned for delivering an exceptional Pilates workout to each and every one of our clients. When owners Kimberly and Katherine Corp opened Pilates on Fifth in 2000, they knew they created a Pilates studio that offered clients the very best possible Pilates experience… the best of Pilates NYC!. The Corp sisters strive to make everything about Pilates on Fifth--from the instructors to the equipment to the studio space itself--to be superior. The space itself is welcoming, spacious and sunny. While other Pilates studios may be located in a basement or small space with very little light, our Pilates studio occupies close to 5,500 square feet in the penthouse of a landmark building in midtown NYC.  It’s like doing your Pilates workout in a mini-oasis! We've filled this terrific space with the best possible Pilates machines, cardio equipment, Pilates rebounders, and small Pilates equipment. In 2009, we added Redcord® equipment, and in 2011 we added Balanced Body's CoreAlign®.  Come experience what Pilates NYC has to offer!


At Pilates on Fifth, we guarantee that you will get the best Pilates workout of any Pilates studio in Manhattan. While other Pilates studios may feature only Pilates equipment and Pilates machines, we’ve enhanced our Pilates NYC practice with fabulous cross-training modalities such as CARDIOLATES®, Suspension Exercise featuring Redcord®, Barres & Belles, CoreAlign®, Tai Chi and Physical Therapy. To maintain the highest standards, even in mat Pilates classes, you will never be in a class with more than 12 people (max of 6 for reformer Pilates!).

Do you want to improve your golf swing? We can make it happen at our Pilates studio. Do you want to be able to lift your grandchild without lower back pain? We have a Pilates workout that will help you achieve your goal. Are you recovering from an injury? Then make an appointment with one of our Physical Therapists. Do you want to develop long, strong muscles, improve your posture, or increase your flexibility? Tell us your goals, and we'll help you achieve them with the best of Pilates NYC.


Pilates Classes, CARDIOLATES®(Cardio pilates), Reformer Pilates and New York City Pilates Instructor Training

What would your perfect workout be? Some of our clients want private Pilates featuring reformer Pilates or other equipment, others enjoy our Pilates classes, others our trademark Cardio Pilates system, CARDIOLATES® . Because Pilates on Fifth is headquarters of one the best New York City Pilates instructor training programs, our Pilates instructors are well-equipped to deliver the best Pilates workout to suit each individual’s unique needs. We offer over 90 classes weekly, including mat Pilates classes, reformer Pilates classes, CARDIOLATES® (Cardio Pilates), Barres & Belles - a great twist to a traditional barre workout, CoreAlign®, Barre Hopping and Belles and Bands. For those seeking a more personalized experience, we offer private pilates, CARDIOLATES®, Pilates Suspension on Redcord® or CoreAlign® personal training sessions Monday through Friday, from 6:30am to 9pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

Pilates on Fifth has always taken a unique approach to Pilates, and we believe that Pilates is the ultimate cross-training program. The Pilates instructors who graduate from our New York City Pilates Instructor Training Program, the Pilates Academy International, understand the unique benefits of Pilates, and, more importantly, how to teach Pilates for Pilates privates, Pilates classes and reformer Pilates. Similarly, our Pilates instructors who also teach CARDIOLATES® (Cardio Pilates), Pilates Suspension on Redcord® , Barres & Belles, CARDIOLATES® Barre Hopping, CoreAlign® , or any Pilates fusion classes have completed rigorous training in their respective fields. At Pilates on Fifth and our New York City Pilates Instructor Training program, we keep the quality very high and maintain our unique approach, gearing Pilates toward the real world.


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